Project E-commerce Mozik


  • Year 2020
  • Client Mozik
  • Category E-commerce
  • Technology Logi v.2

Our team undertook the redesign of the eshop and the web development of After three years of operation, Mozik has managed to establish itself in the field of Greek ecommerce as a reference point of Premium Accessories for our favorite smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

Eshop Redesign


When creating the new eshop, special emphasis was placed on capturing the information from users' mobile devices. In particular, specific elements were implemented with intense dynamics on homepage and on category pages, with large images and filters at the top of each page. We designed and implemented over 25 "different screens" that are related to the user interface with the eshop both during the navigation, but also at the checkout.

Site Web Design and Development with LOGI V.2


The new eshop was implemented using our own LOGI Ecommerce v.2 platform. We proceeded to a complete redesign of the eshop with the input of new functions, with the simultaneous transfer of all data (orders, users, products, blog transfer). In addition, the platform offers a significant innovation thanks to the SPA (Single-Page Application) technology, which takes the UX to the next level, helping to keep the user in the eshop environment.




An integration (two-way) was made among SoftOne ERP and Skroutz smart cart, offering a real-time information about the products, as well as with other third-party applications such as Linkwise, BestPrice, Facebook and Google Merchant. A very important tool for Mozik, which greatly increased its productivity and significantly helped its customer service is the VSM (Voucher System Management).

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